About Us

We're a multi-language vendor based in Pune, India with our associates spread across the country.


When you need high-quality translation of documents from the source language - even very large documents - we will deliver.


When you need a translation vendor to fit a tight schedule, we will deliver.


Lingua Pura's services are not cheap but reasonably priced. Count on us for clearly explained cost estimates with transparent cost calculations. Prices include scheduling, coordination, proofreading and quality assurance.


Document translation services - an overview

What we offer:

  • Premium level language translations by professional translators who live in the country for which the document is destined and only ever translate into their mother tongue
  • Thorough checking and editing by an additional, similarly qualified linguist.
  • Competent project management of large or complex translation projects
  • Expertise in many different fields
  • Prompt and efficient service

Why choose Lingua Pura?

  • The Lingua Pura guarantee of quality - we will work closely to your instructions on the given project to guarantee your satisfaction
  • Flexibility - we systematically 'harvest' your expectations of the translations we will do for you and adapt our extensive resources to meet your requirements
  • Professionalism - you can rely on our serious, considered approach

How we do it:

  • Each translation job addressed individually
  • Best way of managing the translation service agreed with client (when appropriate)
  • Clients kept informed and, if beneficial to overall success of project, consulted throughout

How long does it take?

Typically, we at Lingua Pura translate 1,500 - 2,000 words a day. Checking and editing can add a little more time to the total, but you can generally count on a turnaround time of 2000 words a day.

Our top services are:

  • Technical translation
  • Financial translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Document Translation
  • Communications Translation
  • Translation for Market Research
  • Interpreting Services
  • Website Localisation

Languages we specialize in:

Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Chinese & others

Types of Translation Services:

Business Critical Translations Business communication beyond mere translation. Independently edited & proof-read by sector experts for 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed.
Standard Business Translations Accurate, effective business translations you can trust.
First Draft Translations Budget translations for internal company use.

Lingua Pura Interpretation Services

(Currently available only in India)

Lingua Pura provides highly experienced interpreters of major European and world languages, offering expertise in a wide range of technical, legal and commercial fields.

What you need to know about us

Our interpreters are:

  • Professional linguists
  • Fluent in two or more languages
  • Experienced and reliable
  • Pleasant to work with!

Our team comprises:

  • Ad hoc or "whisper" interpreters for small meetings, discussion groups and visits to and/or from foreign customers
  • Simultaneous interpreters for conferences

Each project is addressed individually:

  • full pre-event consultation ensures a language service tailor-made to your business requirements
  • Lingua Pura's translation division can arrange translation of documents for conferences and meetings in advance
  • Experienced interpreters carry out thorough prior research to ensure a sound subject knowledge
  • Flexible linguistic expertise is available on-site for as long as you require (*)

Website Localization

Website Localization - the only way to take advantage of Internet-influenced business booming worldwide...

Website localization is crucial, and here's why:

  • More than 50% of queries on Google are submitted in languages other than English (in 2002 the volume of enquiries was less than 30%). More than a third of such queries are submitted in a European language other than English (Google, the Google Zeitgeist, June 2003).
  • Annual net-influenced sales rose to more than €20 billion across Europe in December 2002 and contributed €5 billion in Germany alone (Forrester Research).
  • Visitors to a site are more than four times as likely to buy from a website with content in their own language and spend twice as long on the page (Independent research).

Websites need to work from a commercial perspective to be sustainable. Our website localization service takes all this into account to produce a localized website which is not only accurate, but also reads naturally in the target language.
Good website localization should always seem as if the content was originally written in the target language.

Website Translation

Website translation means focusing on a variety of factors including the language. Like all professional translation agencies, we convey the sense of language so key messages work in the relevant language. We would never consider translating word-for-word.
But there are often other issues to consider. For instance, translating from English in some European languages can mean that the amount of text increases (by 16% in the case of Spanish, German is often larger). This can be a problem if you have a template system already in place. So we will work with you to ensure that the website translation we provide addresses as many issues as possible - and deliver on time and to budget.


People use Lingua Pura’s translation services because they know we’ll get it right. We’ll listen, we’ll learn, and we’ll carefully control the translation process to make sure their company is expressing itself appropriately – whatever the language.

Lingua Pura delivers confidence - in anyone’s language -. Our translation service is used by international companies and renowned translation agencies.

You can get in touch by sending an email to: ketki.nawathe@linguapura.in or you can call at: (+91) 98220 40048